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Bellabaci Cupping Massage


Cupping Massage Therapy is a natural body treatment that enhances circulation and expels toxins and waste in the body.

Bellabaci is the creator of the modernized silicone, hand-squeezable vacuum massage Cups. The Cups create negative pressure on the body surface which draws stagnant blood from the capillaries to the veins to be cleansed and disposed. This deep tissue massage instantly soothes painful areas of the body and repairs skin tissue. The gentle suction of the Cup on the skin is called the “Cup Kiss” hence our name, Bellabaci, meaning “Beautiful Kiss”.

Red Marks

It is a common misconception that Bellabaci Cupping Massage leaves red marks on the skin, like Olympic Swimmers. In fact, they use glass cups with a flame that draws toxins to the surface of the skin. I use silicon cups, which are far more gentle and soothing.

Depending on any medical condition you may have, there may be some slight red marks left, but this is the exception rather than the rule. Generally, I don’t leave red marks. My cupping massage is very gentle and very soothing.

Traditional Cupping has for many years been known as stationary or placement Cupping, where a cup is placed on one area for several minutes. However, the Bellabaci Massage technique used in thousands of luxury spas around the world, massages the body in a slow, detoxifying and relaxing manner. The Bellabaci Signature massage is a tailor-made experience of hand and cupping massage to relax body, mind and soul. 

Bellabaci cup or cupping massage is a wonderful treatment for either sex. It is great for those that are suffering from tight and sore muscles, digestive disorders, joint pain, cellulite, headache, migraines, stretch marks and spider veins and loads of other conditions. Bellabaci is a modified version of the wonderful ancient treatment of cupping therapy. Our technique leaves the body feeling toasty warm for up to 5 hours after the treatment has ceased. 

Effective For:

Removing Cellulite

Cupping can get rid of Cellulite over time. Frequent Cupping therapy helps to stimulate fat removal, expel toxins and restore skin elasticity. 

Facial Wrinkles

Cupping Massage Therapy can get rid of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. Using the Facial or Bambino Cups to drain fluid and inflammation around the delicate eye-area whilst stimulating collagen regeneration. 

Alleviating Muscle Pain

Cupping does alleviate muscle pain by boosting blood circulation and removing stagnation in the area of discomfort. 

Alleviate Stress

Cupping does reduce stress by removing toxin build-up.

Relieve IBS and Stomach Cramps

Cupping can relieve IBS symptoms and stomach cramps by increasing peristaltic movement.


Full Body with plain oil, 1 hr

Studio £50, Mobile £60 (aroma oils £5 extra)

Back, Neck & Shoulder with plain oil, 45 min

Studio only £30 (aroma oils £5 extra)